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Whether it’s for your backside or your bike, we have the designed and curated collection of cycling product to make your rides comfy and stylish.

Why Rivet? easy…


Firm butt Forgiving

Rivet saddles are suspension saddles. We use thick American leather from the Midwest and sling it over strong frame materials. A Rivet is made to form to your unique anatomy, but made firm so it will hold its shape. Designed to provide support to you while in the saddle, Rivets don’t sag or have fender flare.


Rivets are = Opportunity

It’s not about gender, but about anatomy. Yours. Rivet saddles come in different widths, because riders — male and female — come in all shapes and sizes. We are confident that one of our saddles will suit your anatomy and riding style.


Our Cows Wear Raincoats

The leather we use is waterproofed during the tanning process. It is built right into the leather, so you can avoid the mess of smearing waterproof goop onto your saddle and onto your shorts.


Experiential R&D

Because we are distance cyclists, we do research and development every time we go out for a ride. We also listen to folks as they talk about their gear. As a result, we have taken the best from the best, while working to solve the problems riders tell us they experience.


Quality Craftspersonship and Attention to Detail

Each Rivet is handcrafted by our expert “leather whisperer” ensuring excellent quality in each saddle. We have paid as much attention to how a Rivet looks as to how it performs. You can see it in every saddle.

Try before you Buy

We want you to be on the right saddle. So we have demo saddles available to try out with minimal cost to you. If you like it – you buy it, and if it’s not the right saddle for you, we’ll go from there to get it right. If nothing works, we’ll let you get on with your search for the perfect saddle. Minimal cost, low hassle, high pay-off.

Get in touch about your trial

Which rivet is right for me?

The Diablo

270 mm L x 150 mm W

Chromoly: 560 gr Titanium: 420 gr

Rails: 90mm

Water-resist & Veg-tan leather

Metal frame & Saddlebag loops

The Independence

270 mm L x 160 mm W

Chromoly: 485 gr Titanium: 360 gr

Rails: 80mm

Water-resist & Veg-tan leather

Composite frame & Saddlebag loops

The Pearl

280 mm L x 170 mm W

Chromoly: 600 g Titanium: 460 g

Rails: 90mm

Water-resist & Veg-tan leather

Metal frame & Saddlebag loops

The Imogene

270 mm L x 175 mm W

Chromoly: 490 g Titanium: 395 g

Rails: 80mm

Water-resist & Veg-tan leather

Resin frame & Saddlebag loops

Rain Cover

The Sonora

The shorter sister of the Imogene

260mm L x 174mm W

Cromoly: 517 gr

Ti: 408 gr

Rails: 80mm

Water-resist & Veg-tan leather

Composite frame & Saddlebag loops

The Loveland

The Comfortable Beautiful around-town saddle

250 mm L x 200 mm W

Cromoly: 720 gr

Rails: 85mm

Water-resist & Veg-tan leather

Cromoly frame & Saddlebag loops

The Rivetress

Meet the Rivetress, Debra Banks. Deb started Rivet Cycle Works through her passion for cycling that included an exhaustive (and unsuccessful) search for the right saddle for her adventures (Read More). She rides more miles than most of us drive our cars in a year. Riding is her perfect laboratory for testing and refining saddle prototypes and ideas. Her plan is to make cycling gear that helps you go your distance, whether it’s around town or around the world.

our mad cow guarantee

We want you to go your distance. If you purchased your Rivet from a bike shop, contact them as you are working under their shop policies. If you bought it directly from Rivet, you have 365 days to contact us and figure out what’s wrong or needs changing. During that time we will take back your saddle no questions asked. Please know that if you contact us on the 366th day of ownership, you will have to make a good case to the Rivetress.

high praise

Rivet Users Show Some Love

“I am on Pac Tour and Lon let me out his saddle from you.  I told him later in the day, that he might be able to get it back from me if he has a gun.  The truth is that I must return it to him at the end of the week.  And I want one of my own.  I will probably end up with several.

Doug H

Saddle received! Thank you. Got it installed and the first major dial-in done, and will do a ride this afternoon to see how it goes. Thanks for the socks too. That’s a grand surprise. Will ride with wild abandon!

Deacon P

I needed to replace my Pearl as soon as my beloved Volpe was stolen. Thanks for helping me out! I love it.

Sharon G

2.5 hours of solid riding. The Pearl is breaking in nicely!

Troy E

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