High Praise


“Hello Debra,

I hope your recovery is going well and you are able to get up and move

around a bit now.

I wanted to report to you that your assortment of Rivet saddles was well

used during Desert Camp. The Pearl and Diablo models were the most popular.

One woman was in tears one morning when she said she couldn’t ride that day

because her crotch was raw. I asked her to try the Pearl Model and we

installed it on her bike. After a quick test ride around the parking lot

she came back all smiles and said the saddle felt so much better. She rode

the next 4 days of 100 miles each without a problem. She is going to get a

pearl saddle from you….”

( from me: And she did)

Norm R.

“Won’t give up my Rivet for anything! It’s the thing that puts a smile on my face after all those hours in the saddle. Thanks again.”

Gary P.

“A saddle is one of those things that you’d like to forget about.  It’s comfortable, durable, and it doesn’t infringe on a ride, whether it be long or short.  The Rivet saddle certainly does this, and more.  It’s super comfortable and it looks great and starts lots of conversations with strangers.. even more fun.  What’s not to like?”

Diggari Imports

“First big day out for the Rivet Cycle Works saddle… So far all butts agree it’s been pretty great company.”

Shan P.

“An Independence saddle pulling double duty on this Moots: rider comfort and matching style! Thanks Rivet Cycle Works!!!”


“Better than Brooks”

Sharon G.

“I needed to replace my Pearl as soon as my beloved Volpe was stolen. Thanks for helping me out! I love it.”

Troy E.

“2.5 hours of solid riding. The Pearl is breaking in nicely!”

Gary G.

“Deb, I did a 200K perm today on my Lynskey Helix with a new Indy. Perfect!

Tomorrow we are doing a rally in Fort Worth, but we are going to ride there from home for a little more than 100 miles on our race tandem now with Indys. Indy on the Ti rando tandem too. They are now on all of our bikes!”

Doug H.

“I am on Pac Tour and Lon let me out his saddle from you.  I told him later in the day, that he might be able to get it back from me if he has a gun.  The truth is that I must return it to him at the end of the week.  And I want one of my own.  I will probably end up with several.

Deacon P.

“Saddle received! Thank you. Got it installed and the first major dial-in done, and will do a ride this afternoon to see how it goes. Thanks for the socks too. That’s a grand surprise. Will ride with wild abandon!