Nano Brake Light


Attach to your brake (caliper, v-brake, canti) and when you pull the cable, it turns on. Awesome!
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The Nano brake light, with it’s small size and light weight, can be easily installed on the brake without using any tool. It can be installed on the V-brake of a mountain bike or the U-brake of a racing bike. With a stainless steel leaf spring switch, the Nano brake light can be installed on a variety of brakes without affecting braking performance.

Sometimes it’s not possible to use hand signals when suddenly braking in a pace line. The Nano brake light instantly lets those directly behind you know you are braking.

NOTE: It is NOT intended to be a rear light to be seen by motorists and other cyclists. The Nano brake light only comes on while braking.

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Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in