Domed Brass Bell


Musician-designed sound to make your dings delight!

Domed brass bell 31.8 clamp with inserts for smaller diameter bars.
Ringer moves to accommodate lefties of righties.
Weight: 65 grams
Price: $20.00

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Had to share this awesome testimonial from Ronald R.:

“My cycling life has been a tortuous sojourn — fraught with disappointment — looking for the perfect bike bell. However, since the arrival of my glistening-new Rivet Single Striker Bell, my life has turned from bitter disappointment to one of melody and harmony. The Rivet is a finely tuned instrument in virtuoso’s hands. Its simple, but elegant styling (being spherical, it brings to mind ‘Music of the Spheres’) underlies a musical quality of perfection. The tone is crisp, distinct, subtly dissonant, and penetratingly reverberates with diminishing volume over many seconds. One can tap it softly, so as not to frighten the walker unsuspecting of your approach from behind; it can be done in single tones or multiple; it can be struck firmly enough to warn the distracted or wandering pedestrian with no uncertainty of your approach. In short, it is no mere bicycle bell; it is a musical instrument that can be played as well as one’s ability allows; and may well be the one bicycle accessory that saves mankind from the terror the mute approaching bicycle. I need another bike to equip with a Rivet Single Striker Bell…”

5 stars!

Let others know you are coming from behind. Be loud and clear with good sounding attitude. Single Striker Brass Bell – Sound

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Dimensions 3 × 2 × 2 in