Rivet Features

Firm but forgiving

Rivet saddles are suspension saddles. We use thick American leather from the Midwest and sling it over strong frame materials. A Rivet is made to form to your unique anatomy, but made firm so it will hold its shape. Designed with flaps that provide structure to the saddle, Rivet’s don’t sag or have fender flare.
Rivets are equal opportunity saddles.
Rivet’s come in different widths, because riders — male and female — come in all shapes and sizes. We are confident that one of our saddles will suit your anatomy. It has nothing to do with gender.

Our cows wear raincoats

cow-coat04The leather we use is waterproofed during the tanning process. It is built right into the leather, so you can avoid the mess of smearing waterproof goop onto your saddle and into your shorts.

Experiential R & D

Because we are distance cyclists, we do research and development every time we go out for a ride. We also listen to folks as they talk about their gear. As a result, we have taken the best from the best, while working to solve the problems riders tell us they experience.

Quality craftsmanship and attention to detail

Each Rivet is handcrafted by our expert “leather whisperer” ensuring excellent quality in each saddle. We have paid as much attention to how a Rivet looks as to how it performs. You can see it in every saddle.